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Shalsha (シャルシャ, Sharusha) is one of the main characters of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series. She is the culmination of various slime spirits that had been killed by Azusa during her tenure of killing slimes, and as such sought to kill her on their first encounter. She is the serious younger twin sister of Falfa Aizawa.


The youngest daughter of Azusa, Shalsha is a rather shy and reserved girl, known for her tremendous intellect and proficiency in various scholarly and artistic fields.

As a union of the many slime spirits that Azusa had killed over the years, she initially focused her intellect into a hatred of her mother and worked to develop a spell that would specifically target and kill her. However, due to the intervention of her sister Falfa and Laika in addition to the high specification of the spell, she failed to kill Azusa, though in spite of that, she was welcomed into household and family nonetheless.


She physically and stylistically resembles Falfa yet differs in that she has light green, medium length hair, tied into two tails with a light blue band, and blue or violet eyes. She wears a strapped dress slit at the flanks over an off-white pink short sleeved undershirt and knee-length bloomers.


A direct contrast to Falfa, Shalsha is much more reserved and introverted than her sister, unwilling to engage with unfamiliar people and speaking only when it's necessary. When she does, her speech often consists of precise, technical and verbose words and phrases.


Powers & Abilities[]

As demonstrated in her initial appearance, Shalsha possesses a highly focused variant of the Smiting Evil spell. It was specifically created to negate the powers of, target and kill the Witch of the Highlands, the title that Azusa, at the time, possessed. However, because she had spent the fifty years of her life learning nothing but that spell, she was useless against Laika and was knocked unconscious by her Dragon Kick.

Having been alive for at least 50 years, she's accumulated a wide wealth of knowledge and skills, specifically in esoteric and philosophical fields such as theology and politics. Additionally, she's formed a series of relationships and communiqué with university professors and fellow thinkers as a result. This allowed her to gain insight into anything she may not be familiar with or an issue she and her family currently face, such as when Falfa turned back into a slime. She's also a good artist, specifically in painting, as noted by her sister Falfa and later demonstrated when she made a portrait of Halkara as part of the sisters' farewell gift to her.