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Rosalie (ロザリー, Rozarii) is one of the characters of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series. She is a ghost who died 140 years ago on the site of Halkara's Nutri-Spirit factory and haunted the location until Azusa, Halkara and Beelzebub helped to free her from her resting place.


The daughter of an affluent merchant who owned a business, Rosalie was known as a graceful lady throughout Nascúte when she was alive, but when her father's business became unprofitable and resulted in debt, he tried to sell her to the Red-Light District under the pretense that she was going to be married to a Nobleman. When she discovered she was lied to, Rosalie killed herself by hanging.

However, due to having an attachment to the material realm her spirit remained as a ghost on the site of her death, and because of her bitter life experiences turning her into a foul mouthed delinquent, she became overly protective of her territory, haunting the land until Halkara bought it and built her new Nutri-Spirit factory, only to find the Nascúte residents unwilling to work on haunted land. After enlisting the help of Azusa and Beelzebub, Rosalie was freed from the site and lives at the House of the Highlands.



Rosalie is a young, teenage girl with medium length, strawberry blonde hair fashioned into a bob cut along with light green eyes. Likely indicative of her previous life, she wears a billowy purple dress, trimmed with twin rose-colored stripes, stylized with features from a sera-fuku, including a white sailor collar trimmed with twin black stripes, and black neckerchief. She also wears a similarly colored purple beret with an attached fuchsia bow.

On occasion, however, like the rest of the family, Rosalie's outfit will change to suit the occasion, such as when Azusa was invited to the Demon Kingdom to receive a commendation. During this period, she wore a formal dress. This is possible due to a spell Azusa created that allows her to alter her appearance.


Despite her affluent, mercantile roots, Rosalie is an outwardly rude and abrasive person. Originally a kind and polite young lady, the harsh circumstances of her death and years in solitude led to her outlook becoming soured, leading her to develop a foul mouth and tendency to scare the inhabitants of Nascúte, as well as a distrust of anyone she encounters. As a standard, she speaks a corrupted form of the regional dialect. Rosalie does admit "years of dead have made me a bit... cheeky"

However, after meeting and being liberated by the Witch of the Highlands, Rosalie's hostile attitude seemed to soften, and she gradually became a more welcoming and considerate person, though aspects of her harsh personality still remained a part of her.


Powers & Abilities[]

As a ghost, Rosalie possesses multiple powers that are intrinsic to ghosts. As expected, she is capable of levitation and flying, turning invisible and can pass through solid objects. Additionally, she can manipulate the environment to an extent, producing effects similar to that of a poltergeist, as well as possessing the ability to possess weak-willed/low-leveled individuals.

As a ghost, she can live without satisfying various basic biological needs, such as hunger, thirst, or rest. Despite the fact she does not need to satisfy these needs, she can still perform both tasks, though they're not necessary for her to survive.


  • It is shown briefly in Volume 5 that it's possible for Rosalie to die if she becomes too happy and satisfied with her life as a ghost. She can counter this, however, if she reminds herself of the circumstances that led to her death to tie her back to the living world.
    • As a result she may likely be Azusa's eternal companion; unless the twins are also immortal.