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Provat Pecora Allières (プロヴァト・ペコラ・アリエース, Purobato Pekora Ariēsu) is a supporting character and the King of the Demon Kingdom and a popular Idol. After her meeting with Azusa, she began to treat her as an older sister while adopting a mischievous little sister persona.


Little is known about Pecora's background, but it is known that she has been the Demon King for most of her life, as well as an idol.


Adopting the appearance of young girl, Pecora has short light blonde hair resting above her shoulders and green eyes. Like all demons, a pair of accessories protrude from her head, in her case being curved ram horns. Despite appearing like a child, Pecora maintains a small-yet-sizable bust, though she reveals to Azusa in a public bath this is actually just her putting up a front due to noticing the sizes of other people's breasts, and in reality she's smaller than even Azusa.

As the Demon King, there is no set regulation on what Pecora must wear. As such, she wears a black, back-less, shoulder-less dress trimmed with white fur at the hem, connected at her neck with a fur choker, along with two black, fur trimmed gloves.


Despite maintaining a sophisticated outward appearance, appearing pure and innocent, Pecora is a troublemaker at heart and is notorious for teasing others. While as the Demon King she adopts a mature personality, when she is around Azusa or one of her family, she becomes manipulative and playful, often to a character's frustration.

She's managed to get Azusa mad at her twice; firstly by not telling her about what touching Flatorte's horn meant and making her go on a pointless journey to get mandrake medicine to revert her de-aged condition.


Powers & Abilities[]


  • Pecora's name is constructed of various references to sheep:
    • Provat is very similar to Provato, the Greek for sheep
    • Pecora is the Italian for sheep
    • Allières when pronounced in Japanese is Aries, the Zodiac sign of the Ram and similarly the Latin for the animal