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This is the second light novel in the Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series.


When you're level 99, finding time to relax can be the hardest part...

After I died from from overwork in my previous life, I decided keeping a good work-life balance in this one would be my top priority. I've been a lot busier ever since word got out that I'm level 99, but my world has also been getting bigger. Beelzebub is the most reliable demon I've never met, Falfa and Shalsha are as adorable as can be, Laika is the best apprentice anyone could ask for, and Halkara is...well, Halkara is doing her best. Whether it's hosting a cafe, fighting ghosts in a factory, or even meeting a demon king, there's nothing we can't handle together!

Still, what I'd rather be doing the most is enjoying my downtime. And I'm not about to forget the importance of taking life one step at a time!


  • We Opened a Café
  • The Ultimate Helper Arrived
  • Halkara's Suspected Graduation
  • A Ghost Appeared
  • The Halkara/Rosalie Separation Maneuver
  • A Factory Began Running
  • I Made a Dress for a Ghost
  • A Leviathan Dropped By
  • Whoops, I Defeated the Demon King
  • The Tea Party and Award Ceremony
  • A Second Dragon Arrived
  • Bonus: A Lost Cat Dropped By

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