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This is the tenth light novel in the Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series.

Story Overview[]

I've been killing slimes for three hundred years-and now Falfa wants us to sell sweets at a festival? She's a little too excited about this-but I can't say no to someone so cute. This time, we met a singing fortuneteller, and went on an adventure with a certain girl who loves white. (The Return of Azuzard!) And maybe, just maybe, Flatorte will learn to be good...


  • We Went to a Sweets Fair
  • We Met a Strange Fortune-Teller
  • We Went to the Adventurer's Meet with My Stepdaughter
  • We Entered the Adventurer's Meet with My Stepdaughter
  • We Went to the Don Braco Peach Festival
  • Keeping the Ancient Civilization Cool
  • Flatorte Got Her Act Together
  • We Almost Entered a Cashless Society

Food for an Elf

  • Some Local Specialties Have Rules That Always Trip Up First-Timers, Right?
  • You Still Get Hungry in Unfamiliar Foreign Lands, Don't You?

Detailed Summary[]

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Major Events[]