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Kuku (クク, Kuku) is a supporting character of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series and was a temporary resident of the Cottage in the Highlands. A member of the almiraj beast race, she is best known as the traveling minstrel formerly known as Schifanoia, before she was taken in and reformed by Azusa and Flatorte.


Kuku met and befriended Azusa while in Flatta, as a part of her tour. There, she collapsed during her performance and was brought to the House in the Highlands to recover and hone her skills, leading her to abandon the Death Style of music she was accustomed to and develop her own style. Later, she performed at the Demon Festival and became renowned for her performance.


As expected of her almiraj roots, Kuku's signature feature are her pair of rabbit ears, which are born on the top of her head. She also has long waist-length, bright red hair, the same colour as her ears. Additionally, another characteristic of her race, though it is never seen, is her puffball tail.

As her Schifanoia persona, she was often seen wearing heavy make-up indicative to the Death style of music, along with very outlandish clothing. However, she has since abandoned this since she arrived at the Cottage in the Highlands.


Despite the harsh, aggressive appearance of her Death style makeup, Kuku is a timid person at heart, and finds it difficult to break away from well-set habits.


Powers & Abilities[]

Kuku so far has not demonstrated any notable powers, physical or magical.


  • Kuku's stage name Schifanoia is related to a Renaissance era Palace in Italy called Palazzo Schifanoia, with the name likely derived from ,"schivar la noia," meaning to "escape from boredom." Kuku's Death style of music is anything but boring.