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Flatta is the hamlet that neighbours the House in the Highlands. It is where the family shops for supplies and ingredients and is a source of significant plot points. The hamlet is a small settlement in the Nanterre province and is a fiefdom under the rule of Governor Golder.



Knowledge of Flatta's history before Azusa's arrival is vague, at best. Little is known about the hamlet's history before this point, though for as long as can be remember, it has always been a peaceful village.

Present History[]

Notable Features[]

Like any other settlement, Flatta is home to various prominent features, both visible and invisible.

Town Hall[]

Likely situated within the centre of the village, the town hall is the centre of the hamlet's bureaucracy. Not a lot is known about the building, but it's known there is a visitor's lounge, reception, and high-quality bedrooms for when aristocracy visits.

Azusa's Magic Barrier[]

As a precautionary measure against any evil minded individuals wishing to cause harm against Azusa as a result of her sudden fame. A magic barrier that specifically targeted people with corrupted hearts was erected around the village. As expected, it immediately incapacitates any individuals wishing to do evil, though every time it is triggered, it needs to be recast. It can also deflect magical attacks.

Old Kingdom Checkpoint[]

A structure in the town that was part of a defunct Kingdom's governance, highlighted by Shalsha after the events in Chapter 4. It has not been mentioned since.


Given it's small size, the culture of Flatta is largely homogeneous. Resembling a Swiss built town, the town is very peaceful, and has not been attacked since long before Azusa arrived. The town has a variety of stores dedicated to various kinds of produce, as well as restaurants and taverns.


Despite having more than a three hundred year long history, the yearly traditions and other aspects of the hamlet's culture are unknown. However, a village dance is celebrated yearly, which began forty-nine years after Azusa's arrival at the village. During the festival, stores that sell unique goods are set up. Notably, a day before the two-hundred and fifty-second celebration of the festival, the Great Witch Café operated for business on that day only. It proved to be incredibly popular with the village folk, as well as others outside of Flatta's sphere, much that the staff was overburdened with the demand.

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Natalie Sr. - Guild Hall Representative
  • Natalie Jr. - Guild Hall Representative, Natalie Sr's distant descendant
  • Village Chief - Village leader