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Flatorte (フラットルテ, Furattorute) is one of the main characters of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series. She is a Blue Dragon currently indentured to Azusa Aizawa.


Flatorte is a blue dragon of the Blue Dragon Tribe and Laika's rival. She has a mother, Cainresq, and father, Armeshtan. Before the events of the story, it's known she had a boyfriend before breaking up with him, but it's unknown when this happened.

She first appears when interrupting the wedding of Laika's sister and her childhood friend with other members of her tribe, but despite her efforts, she was ultimately defeated by Azusa.


Adopting the form of an adult woman, Flatorte bears rearwards facing dragon horns and a reptilian tail, which distinguishes her from normal humans. She is described as having hair with a purple sheen, though colored depictions show her with lilac hair. Her hair is tied up into loops on either side of her head. She also has light green eyes.

Initially, she is described as wearing a pink dress when she crashed the wedding of Laika's Big Sister with the other blue dragons. Later, she is seen wearing a shoulder-less dress of her illustrations.


Flatorte is a brash and abrasive individual, often proving to be incompatible with most characters, usually intentionally. She's characterized as self-important and outwardly rude, displaying little care, and even disdain, for people she is opposed to.


Due to the mischievousness of Provat Pecora Allières, Azusa Aizawa (whom was ignorant of the blue dragon clans traditions) touched Flatorte's horn; as a result, she was now Azusa's servant. Azusa used a loophole by ordering Flatorte to do what she wished, hoping to get rid of her. Unfortunately, it didn't work.