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Falfa (ファルファ, Farufa) is one of the main characters of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series and is the oldest Slime Daughter of Azusa Aizawa. She is the cheerful older twin sister of Shalsha.


An energetic and outgoing girl, Falfa is a contrast to her sister, Shalsha. She is known for her care free and playful nature and enjoys playing with others. Like her sister, she is very intelligent and adept in many fields, specifically practical sciences and mathematics.

As a conglomeration of many slime spirits that Azusa had killed, she felt a familial bond with Azusa and so appears at her house in the Highlands to warn her of Shalsha, who was on her way to kill her.


Falfa has medium length, pale blue hair with two light green hair ties on the sides of her head and green eyes. She wears an orange apron dress cut down the flanks and tied with a white cloth at her waist, over an off-white short sleeved undershirt and knee-length bloomers.


In contrast to her younger sister, Falfa is characterized as an energetic, sociable, and outgoing young girl, eager to meet new people and join in social events. Examples of attending some social events being the Red Dragon's Wedding and the first trip to the Demon Kingdom.

Unlike Shalsha, Falfa immediately loved Azusa as her mother; grateful her murder of slimes for 250 years gave birth to her.

She similarly focuses her academic capabilities into practical sciences and mathematics, and as such has a much more practical mindset than her sister, enabling her to make economically informed decisions. These decisions can be blunt and straightforward, however, as evidenced when she successfully proposed dropping Rosalie in Halkara's body from a high height in an attempt to separate the two.

While in slime form, Falfa seems to lose most of her conscious mind; she still recognized her family, but eats random stuff off the ground like a regular slime.


All the following plots are based on the web series of this novel.

Falfa first made her appearance on ep.13, Chapter 3. She came to Azusa's house and informed her that the little sister of the twin, Shalsha, was on her way to kill her. She also told Azusa that Shalsha has been practicing spell-breaking magic only to revenge. Despite being the elf of dead slimes killed by Azusa, Falfa believed firmly that they shall forget about the past and live a happy life with their mother.

The second chapter (Chapter 11) featuring Falfa told the story when Falfa changed back to the shape of slime and was unable to remain a human-being shape. The family visited various places to search for solutions and eventually found Bussler (a high-level slime) to help her reshape the body. To talk to her, Azusa and Beelzebub entered the fight match to challenge her. Bussler was knocked down by Beelzebub before entering the final challenge and healed Falfa, which, eventually, led to the win of Azusa.

In chapter 25, Falfa, as well as Shalsha and Sandera, wanted to attend to school. One day, Shalsha said that she wanted to go to school because after teaching Sandera for a period with Falfa, she believed that "an environment with more kids is profitable to the life". They eventually went to school, only to find that Falfa already has gotten all knowledge required to graduate from a college. Meanwhile, Shalsha kept arguing with the teacher towards sophisticated philosophy problems while Sandra kept drilling into the ground when playing catch ball. At last, the school admitted that the twins are "beyond their ability" hence they could graduate.

Powers & Abilities[]

Unlike Shalsha, Falfa has no magical abilities. Instead, she maintains a tremendous grasp on practical sciences and mathematics, including economics, allowing her make very well-minded decisions when it comes to small business such that the Cottage in the Highlands's Edible Slimes bakery was an unexpected success.

After Falfa learned how to return to her human form, she can likely return to her slime form whenever she wants.


  • Shalsha mentioned that Falfa is picky when it comes to the taste of food.
  • In Chapter 6, Falfa expressed her wish of wearing a wedding dress and stated that she would like to live in a small house built with red bricks.
  • Sayaka Senbogi, Falfa's seiyuu for the Drama CDs and anime, was pleased to hear that the series is finally to be animated, stating she was overjoyed. She found it exciting to play Falfa again and wants to do her best to deliver a wonderful anime.