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Halkara, an elvish apothecary living with Azusa.

Elves are a humanoid race in Slime Taoshite 300 Nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita that are indigenous to dense wood land areas. Distinguished from humans by their long, pointed ears, elves typically live among nature and make good apothecaries, living for much longer than the average human. They are normally extremely beautiful, and tall and slender, though exceptions do exist. 

Ordinarily, elves live in villages within forests, rarely expanding beyond the small size of their settlement. Multiple of these settlements come together to form regional self-governing bodies, like the Clar Dynasty. However, some elves live apart from their home village, and find work in other parts of the world. Unlike the Demons, elvish factions are not hostile to the humans and are likely on good terms with their kingdoms. 





Elves possess multiple characteristics which set them apart from typical humans. Most notably of these is their greatly extended lifespan, allowing them to live upwards of 200 years and greater. Alongside this, elves also age much slower than humans, meaning that when one is middle-age for a human, the elf would still physically and mentally be a child.

In respect to procreation, elves have a markedly more difficult time producing offspring than humans would, which is the primary explanation as to their low overall population and density.


  • Elves are typically herbivorous, but are willing to eat meat to fulfill nutritional needs they can't get from plants if they need it. They mainly eat chicken or other birds because other animals like cows and pigs need large fields to raise, which elves don't usually have due to living in heavily wooded areas.


  • 225 is considered a young adult in elf terms; at least by Halkara's perspective.