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Azusa Aizawa (アズサ・アイザワ, Azusa Aizawa) is the main protagonist of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita series. Previously a Japanese woman who died from overwork, she was reincarnated as an immortal Witch and proceeded to take life easy while killing slimes as a form of income. After 300 years, however, her level becomes maxed out as a result and, consequently the most powerful being in the world, draws unwanted attention to her peaceful life.


Azusa previously lived as a normal twenty-seven year old human on Earth, in Japan, as a "corporate wage slave," working long, consecutive hours at the expense of her personal life. This work ethic eventually resulted in her death, as one day she blacked out and awoke to the sight of an Angel. After pitying Azusa for her short life, the Angel promises to ensure Azusa's next life has the potential to bring her "sheer happiness," and allows her to make any prerequisite wish she wants for her next life.

Resurrected as an immortal Witch in the mountains, nearby the countryside town of Flatta, Azusa dedicates the next three hundred years to an easy life of hunting slimes and making potions.



Since her reincarnation, Azusa takes on the appearance of a young European woman, roughly around the age of 17. She has long blonde hair, with some of it fashioned into a braid, and large blue eyes. Her primary outfit is her Witch's garments, comprising of a large, pointy hat, a black coat over a white blouse with a yellow cravat and a dark blue skirt.

On other occasions, Azusa's outfit will change to fit the situation; such as when she attended the Red Dragon wedding, she wore a tailored dress to the event, but she will, for the most part, wear her primary outfit.

In the light novel, it is unknown what Azusa looked like before she was reincarnated, with no descriptors during or after the introductory chapters to describe her. It's likely that she was a typical Japanese woman in her previous life. In the manga, however, she's depicted as an ordinary Japanese woman with long dark hair, though her face was not shown.


Azusa is generally characterized as a laid back and carefree individual, taking things at her own pace and encouraging others to do the same. Largely as a result of her death by overwork in her previous life, she's averse to demanding work, having spent most of her life killing slimes. On the other hand, she still recognizes the importance of completing it so long as it doesn't corrupt her life ethic.

Additionally, she is also very charitable and hospitable, having befriended and accepted a wide range of different people and species. This includes characters that originally intended to kill her, in the case of Shalsha, and people who used her name to commit fraud. This attitude made her a beloved celebrity in Flatta, where the villagers offer to treat/reward Azusa as thanks for her medicine.


Death and Rebirth[]

Azusa Aizawa was a Japanese woman of 27 years of age. Having spent her life only working for her job, poor Azusa ended up getting stuck working 50 days straight. The incredible strain this put on her body without having a day off to rest ended up killing her. A goddess who took pity on Azusa offered to reincarnate her into a new life where her happiness would be assured. When offered anything of her choice, Azusa asked for eternal youth and immortality; she was then sent to her new world.

Elated at her new slow and immortal life, Azusa took up residence in a house in the highlands; it was ready for someone to live in with a field next to it. Upon discovering slimes left behind a crystal upon demise, Azusa went to the town of Flatta to find out more; the adventurer guild receptionist Natalie Sr. told Azusa that the crystals were magic stones that could be sold there if she joined the guild. Azusa did and then began her slow life of leisure

300 Years Later[]

After a routine day of killing 25 slimes, Azusa was asked by the receptionist Natalie Jr. to show her status since she had been an adventurer for three centuries. To both their shock Azusa was now Level 99; she had a special skill that doubled any points she earned, and that gave her over eleven million. Natalie explained a slime is worth two EXP, with that multiplies by two thanks to Azusa's skill; times that by 25 kills a day by 365 days a year for 300 years, and the result is this massive level.

Azusa demanded she keep the level a secret; knowing the attention would ruin her slow life. However, a blabbermouth adventurer was listening and spread the news about her level. This attracted a quartet of adventurers who wished to test their power against her, despite Azusa having no interest; she tried a simple wind spell to end a mock battle and ended up blowing them away.

Meeting Laika[]

As a result of the rumors, a dragon named Laika arrives to test its power against Azusa. Azusa gave it a case of brain freeze, causing the dragon to claim around and damage her house. Knocking the dragon for a loop, Azusa demanded she repair the house; Laika complied briefly returning home for her savings. Despite being apprehensive, Azusa accepted Laika as a disciple to teach her the ways of a slow life so that the dragon could grow just as strong as her; plus it helped to have a helper at home.

The Daughters[]

Shortly after Laika arrived, Azusa learned that killing slimes for 250 years had lead to their spirits merging into two slime spirits named Falfa and Shalsha. While Falfa loved Azusa as her mother for giving her life, Shalsha embodied the hatred of the slimes; Shalsha planned on using Smite Evil to kill her, but was knocked out by Laika to allow her spells time limit to run out. Shalsha accepted her defeat with Falfa's encouragement and both lobed with their mother.

The Elf, the Demon and the Ghost[]

Azusa's peaceful life was ruined again by the arrival of an airhead elf named Halkara, who believed her energy drink poisoned a powerful demon named Beelzebub and was being hunted down by her. It later turned out it was a misunderstanding; Beelzebub was simply overworked and Halkara's village blamed her by jumping to conclusions. Despite the matter being resolved, Halkara decided to move her business to Flatta and move in with Azusa; her home town wouldn't let her come back plus the tax rate was 40%.

Azusa later leaned a ghost was haunting the building Halkara wanted to turn into her factory. Calling in Beelzebub for help, they discover the ghost was a girl named Rosalie, whom they helped leave the confines of the factory and invite her to stay at the Cottage in the Highlands.

Dragon Dispute[]

Azusa was invited by Laika to attend her sister's wedding. The party was attacked by blue dragons lead by a jealous Flatorte. Azusa punished them with gravity magic and made Flatorte make a pact to ensure no more attacks were made against the red dragons. As a result, Azusa was to be awarded a medal by the Demon King, whom was impressed by stories Beelzebub told her about Azusa's exploits.

Adventures with the Demons[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Azusa remained ignorant of much of her magic for centuries. After her level outing, she's learning how to use her magic. Her main skills are immortality and agelessness, which were gifted to her by the Goodly Godly Godness by request.

Name Azusa
Occupation Divinely Blessed Witch
Level God-Tier
HP 856
Attack 896
Defense 788
Magical Power 999+
Agility 999+
Intelligence 999+
Experience 50000000
Teleportation, Levitation, Blazing Flames, Tornado, Item Appraisal, Earthquake, Blizzard, Lightning Strike, Mind Control, Dispel, Detoxification, Magic Reflection, Mana Absorption, Language Comprehension, Shape Shifting, Magical Creation, Create Barrier, Restoration, Garment Creation for Ghosts, Invisibility
Special Abilities
Knowledge of herbs, Immortality of the witch, Increased EXP Acquisition, Spreading happiness to others, Ageless


  • Her hat gets bigger in every volume cover, likely as an artistic gag.
  • Azusa implies she's been a virgin in both her past and current life.
  • Interestingly, Azusa is one of the few characters to have a surname, the other being Pecora.
    • Though this is because she kept her Japanese name.



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